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Assemble a full breakfast!

For many, breakfast is the most important and delicious meal of the day, being necessary for the day to start with energy. For this meal to become complete and balanced, it must contain the right foods and if you are a person who feels happy and cozy with a table set, the ideal is to bet on napkins and dishes that talk to each other! Here are some simple and amazing tips and ideas for putting together a sensational breakfast: Foods! 1) Drinks! Coffee, teas and juices are essential items for a good breakfast. In addition to being tasty, they give encouragement, energy and help to wake up. When you receive visitors in your home, make the 3 options available since not everyone likes the same things. 2) Oilseeds! Always have a portion of oilseeds on your breakfast table. In addition to going well with yogurt, bread or even as a snack, they are a great source of energy that will help us on the most tiring days. Pecan Nuts with Demerara Sugar and Cinnamon has a special taste of Breakfast! 3) Breads and cakes! They are essential foods for that incomparable breakfast. A good loaf of bread gives a colonial touch to the coffee, wholegrain bread for those who lead a healthier life, the good and classic French bread that has no mistake or even a sweet roll...huumm. The cakes can be of several flavors or just one that pleases everyone's orange muffin is the key to starting the day well, isn't it? 4) The other components! Don't forget the inseparable ham and cheese; A delicious about a liver with walnuts?? Yogurts are also always a good option; Don't forget the granola...delicious and nutritious! Organization of the table! 1) Bet on a nice and neutral tablecloth, which will match your dishes and napkins...the tablecloth gives a special touch, prevents the table from getting dirty and hides any imperfections that the table may have. 2) Choose dishes and napkins that match and talk to each other, some neutral and some colored to add color to the table. 3) When placing food on the table, take it out of the packaging and put it in pots or supports that are ideal for this, so everything will be cleaner and more visually beautiful, not to mention that it will become much easier to be accessed. 4) If you like natural flowers, you can spread small vases on the table, making the environment more cozy, fragrant and with a special touch of affection. With these tips you will create the most delicious and beautiful breakfast...but don't forget, affection is the special touch to make everything more beautiful!


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