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Brazil nuts: A seed rich in selenium!

Castanha do Para is a seed native to Brazil and is part of the same group as Walnuts and other oilseeds, it is also popularly called Castanha-do-Brasil. It has several health benefits as it is rich in fiber, protein, good fats, minerals and phytochemicals: -It is good for the heart; -Has antioxidant action; -Helps to maintain brain health; -Reduces high blood pressure; -Improves the immune system, etc. How to consume? “To obtain its benefits, it is recommended to consume 1 Brazil nut per day for about 5 days a week. However, it is important not to consume more than 10 g per day, as large amounts of this food could cause problems such as pain, muscle weakness and nail stains. ” It can be eaten raw or with fruits, vitamins, salads, cereals and desserts Threat of extinction: “The chestnut tree is considered vulnerable by the World Union for Nature (IUCN) and, in Brazil, it appears on the list of endangered species by the Ministry of the Environment. The main cause for the risk of extinction is deforestation. In Brazil, chestnut trees are felled for the construction of roads and dams, for agrarian reform settlements and for raising cattle. ”


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