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Brown Sugar: a rich source of vitamins and nutrients!

Brown sugar is extracted from sugar cane and has a dark color as it does not undergo any refinement process. Consequently, it is a source of minerals, vitamins and nutrients. This sugar has become a great option for people looking for a healthier life, but do not know how to replace white sugar. The best option is to replace it with brown, a natural and super healthy ingredient. As already mentioned, brown sugar does not go through ANY chemical refinement process, thus retaining many of its properties. Brown sugar is: - Much less caloric than refined sugar; - It has a good amount of B vitamins; - It is 100% natural; - By conserving the cane molasses, it has a stronger flavor. Benefits of brown sugar: 1) Provides more energy to the body; 2) Because it has fewer calories, it helps in the weight loss process; 3) Provides rapid digestion, among others. Consumption: Brown sugar tastes more intense than refined and this means that people cannot change from one to the other. The ideal to adapt with brown is to substitute the sugar used little by little until the palate gets used. If added to drinks they can change color, turning a brown or yellowish tone. Another important factor is not to overdo the quantity. Sometimes people are wrong to add excessive amounts of sugar to preparations thinking that it does not sweeten as much as white sugar...this is serious! Consume sugar in a moderate way, try to use the same, or a smaller, amount of brown when compared to that used refined sugar. Despite being healthy, consume in moderation!


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