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Demerara Sugar: its benefits, what it is and how much to consume!

Demerara sugar has larger grains and a brownish color since its refinement process is lighter and does not take chemical additives, preserving its nutrients.

The search for demerara sugar has increased a lot since people decided to change their habits and lead a healthier life.

Some benefits:

1) Helps in the maintenance and strengthening of bones;

2) Helps to strengthen immunity;

3) Helps to increase energy;

4) Regulates metabolism.

Is demerara sugar healthy?

When compared to refined, without a doubt, it is much healthier. Since its processing is light and has no additives, unlike white sugar. Therefore, its nutritional value is much higher.

Do you lose weight?

No way! Demerara doesn't make you lose is only healthier than refined sugar. For all people who want to lose weight, sugar consumption is not recommended, as it is rich in calories.


The ideal amount of sugar to be consumed per day is 25 grams (6 teaspoons) ... excessive consumption can cause addiction and withdrawal symptoms.

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