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Honey: a super natural sweetener!

Honey is a natural product obtained through the nectar of flowers and bee excretions, it is an excellent natural sweetener, which is absorbed by our body more slowly than sugar, so that we suffer less glucose spikes, it is also full of benefits. Although many benefits have been known for millennia it has been used as a medicinal remedy for many different diseases. And it is this elixir that for

bee brings oxidized glucose, serves both to relieve cough and to heal wounds, prevent gastrointestinal disorders or metabolize alcohol. Honey has good amounts of sugar and carbohydrates and is therefore a great quick source of energy. It also has some organic acids, one of which, gluconic acid, contributes to the formation of hydrogen peroxide, a powerful antibacterial. Iron and copper contribute to the antimicrobial action.

The product derived from the work of bees is impressive for its composition. Nutritionist Gabriela Maia, from Rio de Janeiro, says that he exhibits about 180 types of compounds. "There is water, sugars, amino acids, enzymes, minerals, vitamins and countless antioxidants"

These are some of the benefits that the oldest sweetener we know of can have on our health: -Calm the cough;

-Helps make memory work; -Helps to heal wounds; -Provides numerous nutrients; -Reduces cardiovascular risk factors, etc. Types of honey: The taste, aroma and color of the food will vary according to the flowering, defined by the type of flower that the bee collects nectar to produce this sweet. Some benefits may be stronger in certain types than in others. Check out the main types consumed in Brazil: -Honey Silvestre; -Eucalyptus Flower Honey; -Honey from Orange Blossom; How much can I consume: How much honey you consume per day can vary between a teaspoon, about 10 grams, to a tablespoon, approximately 25 grams. It is important to note that this food should be included in a healthy diet.

How to consume: Honey can be used as a healthy substitute for refined sugar in the preparation of cakes, pies, cookies, among other sweets. It is also interesting to consume it with toast, fruit, yogurt, juices and even in the meat recipe. Pecanobre uses Honey in its products, especially in Granola with Pecan Nuts, get yours now!

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