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Cashew nuts: include this oil in your diet!

The cashew tree is a tree originating in the Northeast of Brazil that can reach

be ten meters tall. It produces a fruit (the cashew nut) and a well-known pseudofruit (the cashew). Chestnuts are an excellent health ally because they contain antioxidants and are rich in fats that are good for the heart and in minerals such as magnesium, iron skin, nails and hair. This theft can be consumed in several ways: in snacks and salads, as butter, or as an ingredient in some recipes. Some benefits of cashew nuts are: -Prevents premature aging; -Regulates blood sugar; -Strengthens the immune system; -Prevents and treats anemia, etc. Despite its benefits, cashew nuts should be consumed in small portions, as it has large amounts of calories and, therefore, when consumed in excess, it could favor weight gain. This dried fruit can be found in supermarkets or natural supplement stores.


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