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Commensality: what is it?

The act of sitting down at the table and sharing a meal, considered by experts to be a healthy eating habit, is commensality. The word derived from Latin means living at the table, this habit being implanted in our society for years. The meals have itself a social function, being one way to bring families together, are symbols of parties, coexistence, friendly relations, in short, they are important in the formation of a society. The act of eating alone! Currently, in times of rush, commitments, work, duties, and enormous demands, the act of getting together to share a meal has become increasingly scarce, each one in a corner, at one time of the day, eats their meals alone. However, this causes a weakening of family ties, a distance between people... thus becoming a rare and pleasant moment the few times food is shared! The commensality! The act of eating together is a very important and valuable practice for many families around the world, " studies on this topic indicate that the first community that established itself around food may have been the family", thus, the commensality somehow brings warmth and union to any location. Food with those we love has more flavor and is essential . It brings with it 3 basic guidelines: 1) Eat regularly and carefully 2) Eat in appropriate environments 3) Eat together Now that you know how many benefits it has and how important the act of dining is, try to pay more attention to it, get together with your family and friends, eat in quiet surroundings, eat quality and healthy food... eating correctly is essential!


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