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Crazy cravings and nutrient deficiency!

Our body tells us when we need to eat, when we need to sleep, when we're feeling good, anyway, it always tells us when we need something and the signs are very noticeable and simple to be understood. However, there are wills that suddenly affect us and that for more than imperceptible whether indicate needs of our body. An example is that during the menstrual cycle, the desire to eat chocolate is enormous, since it is a food rich in magnesium, a mineral that is lost during the cycle, the body asks for a replacement causing this desire in us! Deficiency and lack of some nutrients in our body are often not manifested, making it impossible to find out since there are no symptoms....for this, our body is there to feed us, with a simple will it lets us know what is missing. for our health to stay up to date! Here are some cravings that may indicate that something is missing: Tomato craving: may indicate potassium deficiency, accompanied by cramps. Desire for beans (or even clay) and ice: being more frequent with children and pregnant women, this factor indicates a lack of iron. Milk and dairy products: the craving for these foods can indicate a lack of calcium. Excessive craving for sweets: may indicate a drop in blood glucose. Coffee and other foods that contain caffeine: need for dopamine.

Our organism, our body, talk to us, we need to be sensitive and listen, or at least try to understand the signs that it shows us so that we can have good health!

Attention! Desires alone will in no way diagnose any disease, who should diagnose it is always a specialist who will also help you in the treatment and make up for the lack of some nutrient!


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