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ENERGY POLKA DOTS! They were designed to be a super practical, portable and very tasty option for both snacks and sweets.

Natural ingredients and plant sources, with no added preservatives that generate energy and provide many essential nutrients. And most importantly: IT'S A DELIGHT, and it can be made with what you have at home,

just use your creativity and innovate the flavors!!! Ingredients:

2 Col. (Soup) of Pecan and Peanut Paste with Chocolate 50% Cocoa and Whey Protein Pecanobre.

2 Col. (Soup) of Coconut Flour,

Crushed Peanuts (To give that crunchiness),

Cinnamon (to taste),

2 Col. (Soup) of oat,

2 Col. (Soup) of honey,

Crushed half ripe banana (optional). How to make: Mix all the ingredients until you get a dough and shape them into balls! Put it in the fridge to help it stay more crispy. You can finish with 70% melted chocolate, or leave it uncoated (like we did), you can also finish with cocoa, granola, or whatever else your creativity suggests!! Enjoy your food!


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