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How to have beautiful and healthy skin!

All, or almost all people who value clean, beautiful and healthy skin know that for this they must adopt good hygiene, care and nutrition habits, as these factors are very important for skin health. We have separated for you some foods that will help you take better care of your skin: 1) Seeds! Acting as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory, fighting premature aging. 2) Citrus fruits! Rich in vitamin C, one of the vitamins responsible for the production of collagen, not to mention that they also act against stains, wrinkles and premature aging. 3) Avocado! This fruit works by helping to clean the pores and making the skin younger and more beautiful, ensuring a more hydrated face. 4) Salmon! Rich in omega 3, salmon helps to provide soft, supple and hydrated skin. In addition to having antioxidant properties preventing acnes, allergies and protecting the skin from the sun's rays. 5) Sweet potato! Possessing beta-carotenes, substances that after consumed turn into vitamin A, important to keep the skin healthy, firm and beautiful. 6) Oats! Rich in several types of vitamins, oatmeal helps keep the skin hydrated by fighting premature aging. Hydrate yourself! Never forget that to maintain beautiful and healthy skin, regular hydration is of paramount importance so that the cells receive the essential nutrients for good health. Now that you know the benefits of these foods for your skin, combine them with a good skincare routine and notice the changes that will occur over the course of the days!


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