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Make fun dishes with the little ones!

A problem present in the life and routine of some parents is the difficult saga to make their child eat well and correctly. This fact happens due to the introduction of food, when the child starts to ingest “real food”, or when they are changing from one phase to another, the new discoveries distract and often suppress the appetite. Another problem is making the little ones consume vegetables or fruits. Broccoli, for example, is a vegetable hated by children! Fruits don't have the same taste and don't attract attention as the colorful and sweet candies, so they are always the last option.

However, there are some ways to change these situations and make the little ones interested and like more and more of some foods. - One of these ways is to assemble dishes, savory or sweet, with different shapes and colors, attractive dishes, with flavors that match!

-And of course the meal becomes much more tasty and attractive when it is prepared together with the ones we love. Invite your little one to assemble his own plate together with you, so that he will be encouraged to eat healthy while you have fun together!

Check out the tips!! 1) Use different cutters of various shapes and sizes...that way everything will be more fun!

2) Assemble plates with shapes and designs! It's much easier to eat a teddy bear than a simple bun with turkey breast, isn't it??

3)Be creative! Use and abuse your creativity, creating a little of everything, especially what your child likes and is most interested in! Peppa Pig is a surefire option!!

4) Do everything in the company of your little one, you will see that this way the dish will be tastier!

5) Now we are going to show you an option for a savory dish and a sensational lunch box!

So, did you like the tips? I bet that from now on it will be much easier for you and your little one to get along and assemble fun and tasty dishes together!!


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