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Oats: know this cereal and find out how to consume it!

Oats are a very nutritious cereal, which contains calcium, iron, proteins, vitamins (especially from group B and E), carbohydrates and fiber. Due to the presence of all these components, oats can be considered a healthy and nutritious food that contains an extensive list of benefits. It can be consumed in the form of grains, flakes, bran, porridges and flour, pure or incorporated in recipes for cake, pancake, biscuit, among others. The great differential of oats is the fibers, but here it wins by quality, not by quantity, mainly due to beta-glucans. Oats that bring several benefits to the body, such as: - Brings satiety; -A great source of energy; -Keep the intestine in order; -It is good for the skin; -Help and defend the organism etc. Studies show that 30 grams, that is, approximately three tablespoons of oats a day, are sufficient to obtain the benefits of the cereal. Because of the high fiber content, consumption must be accompanied by fluid intake. "Oats help to put on weight? Even being a source of carbohydrates, consuming oats does not contribute to weight gain. On the contrary, those who include oats in the diet may have more satiety and even lose weight. This is because the cereal has a low glycemic index, that is, the carbohydrate is gradually absorbed by the body. Oat beta-glucan increases the viscosity of the bolus, which causes the food to remain in the stomach for a longer time. Therefore, it increases the feeling of satiety which, in turn, can contribute to weight control. " Forms of consumption: Oats are a versatile food that can be added to fruit salads or even in bread doughs, juices, pies, cookies and cakes, with water, milk and yogurts. Oats, in our products, are found in Granola with Pecan Nuts .... combined with Honey and other grains, a delight!


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