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Reasons that stop you from losing weight!

Many people struggle to lose weight and don't know the reasons why this factor happens, as they try to have a good diet and some healthy habits. But did you know that there are some reasons that stop you from losing weight easily and quickly? Yes, the increase in the numbers on the scale is not only due to what we eat, but how we live. With that, today we will show you some reasons that prevent you from reaching the desired weight. Check out! 1) Don't eat breakfast! Breakfast is called by some experts the most important meal of the day, it serves to replace everything that the body spent during the night. So, no skipping meals, this will make your body sluggish and create fat reserves. 2) Eat a lot before bed! Eating very heavy and fatty foods just before bed is not recommended, as they are difficult to digest. So opt for light things like chestnuts, yogurts and even some soup! 3) Sleep poorly! Having a bad night's sleep causes the body to deregulate, in addition to increasing levels of cortisol, a hormone that makes it difficult to lose weight. 4) Stress! Stress is a factor that also increases the production of cortisol, the hormone we discussed above. As a result, the body begins to accumulate fat. 5) Sedentary lifestyle! If you really want to lose weight, the ideal thing is to practice physical exercises, especially if you work or sit for a long time during the day. Now that you know some of the main reasons that prevent you from reaching the desired weight, start the change here, combining with some more habits that your doctor tells you, you will surely reach your goal!


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