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Tips for a healthy and practical diet without complications!

The myth that in order to have a healthy and delicious diet, you need to spend a lot of money and time to prepare recipes is circulating in the media and causing many people to lose focus or give up eating healthy and adequate foods. With increasingly busy and busy days, it is difficult to be in the kitchen every day to prepare their own meals, so people choose to buy snacks and ready-to-eat meals or go to a restaurant, but are these foods prepared properly? and with the right ingredients for good health? Therefore, it is evident the importance of preparing what you are going to eat yourself. Through this content we will help you to put together healthy options for the whole week and spending little time: 1) Define a menu: first of all, it is extremely important to know what you will eat throughout the week, create a menu like this:

Practical and with simple ingredients! 2) Shopping: after defining the menu, set aside a day to go shopping and stock your pantry with everything you will need during the week. This step is very important, as you won't have to run to the market several times to get what's missing. 3) Preparation: book glass pots or lunchboxes to store the food. Cook everything that can be stored and frozen and assemble the meals for each day of the week, freeze and remove from the freezer only on the day you are going to consume it. 4) Tips: prefer to go to the fair and buy fresh and unprocessed foods, those you find in the market are sometimes there for some time, full of preservatives. Therefore, prefer the natural ones and avoid the ultra processed ones full of sodium and sugar.


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