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Vegetarianism: sustainable lifestyle!

Vegetarianism has been a lifestyle and diet adopted by many people in recent years. Based on a diet based on foods of animal origin, vegetarians exclude meat from their diet. Why choose to be a vegetarian? In addition to achieving more health and well-being, reducing cholesterol levels, heart problems, as well as some diseases transmitted by contaminated meat. Vegetarianism also provides greater care for the environment, as it reduces expenses, water, energy and many other resources used in the production of these foods of animal origin. The main reason is the protection of animals, allowing them the right to life. In addition, many people choose this style because of religious reasons, among them are Buddhists, Seventh-day Adventists and Hindus. Types of Vegetarianism! Yes, there are several types of vegetarianism and we will introduce you to each one: Lacto-ovovegetarianism: In this type of vegetarianism, of animal origin, only eggs and dairy products are allowed. Lactovegetarianism: in this type, only dairy products of animal origin are allowed. Ovovegetarianism: here, the only source of animal origin is the egg. Strict vegetarianism: in this option, no food of animal origin is allowed. Generally, those who are vegetarians do not have a lack of nutrients, since they know how to have a balanced diet based on vegetables. However, if you notice a lack of any vitamin, nutrient, among others, you can supplement the diet with capsules or powder supplements.


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